Be-On Communications

About Founder

Founder Mr. Fang Sheng is a professional translator certified by the Association of Translators and Interpreters of Ontario and the American Translators Association. A veteran in the language industry, Fang is highly acclaimed for his specialized translation and interpretation services for the financial sector, while being equally strong for his knowledge and experience in the areas of law, arts and education, government affairs, social services, etc.


Fang graduated from the Beijing Foreign Studies University, China’s most prestigious language academy, majoring in English language and culture. After immigrating to Canada in the mid-1990s, he also studied business administration, earning his MBA from the Schulich School of Business, York University. You can also access Fang’s LinkIn page here.



In addition to finance and business, Fang has many interests. Growing up in a musical family, Fang has a life-long love of classical and jazz music. He is also a keen ballroom dancer and has been learning this art form for nearly 10 years at the Shall We Dance Studio. He volunteers for arts and spiritual organizations such as the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, the Toronto International Film Festival, the Dharma Drum Mountain Buddhist Association of Ontario. Fang also supports a Cambodian boy and a Sierra Leone boy through World Vision Canada.